Hovercraft Physics for Unity

HOVERKIT for Unity

HoverKit for Unity is a set of components that can be added to any vehicle to provide a full Rigidbody Physics solution for hovering vehicles of any type.

HoverKit offers 'best in class' flexibility, and allows you to create anything from slow-moving tanks to nimble hoverbikes to lightning-fast racers.

HoverKit has a very small runtime core that has been highly optimized and extensively profiled to result in high performance with a very low memory footprint.

Several example scenes are included that demonstrate HoverKit's flexibility and power.

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Immediate Window for Unity

Execute script commands directly from within the Unity Editor

Easily execute Javascript commands

Access fields and methods of in-game objects

Auto-complete saves time

It's Free!

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We’re a couple of software developers who have a combined total of more than thirty years of experience in software development with a strong focus on streamlining the software development process.

We are particularly excited about any project that will make the process of game development easier or smoother, and focus the majority of our efforts on streamlining the game development toolchain.

While most of our work involves in-house tools specially developed for particular projects, we have a few things we’ve put together that we think will be useful to other developers, and are now working to make those available.

We are currently focused primarily on the Unity game engine, but are also working (as time permits) on porting some of our code libraries over to Unreal Engine now that they’ve added solid Mono support. We are particularly excited by the fact that Unreal Engine allows us to use the newer features of the Mono runtime.

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